Learn more about the RTU 4.0

The new features of the SOFREL S4W ecosystem:

  • Pumping Station – 1 & 4 pumps
  • Configuration of a backup SG4000
  • Edition of multiple configurations
  • Balance sheet at maturity
  • Addition of fields in the certificates (Region, city, organization, organization unit)
  • Synoptic web : insertion of a link
  • Lift station: support of the pears
  • Information display filters
  • Removal of terminal block & com information from the list view
  • Support of STID badges
  • CSV export of archives (SOFREL S4 View)
  • Inter-terminal copy/paste
  • SOFREL S4 Display – Consultation without authentication
  • SOFREL S4 Display – Information filters


More information about SOFREL S4W